The Aspects of Problem-Solving

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The Aspects of Problem-Solving “The objective is to solve a given problem with the simplest, safest, most efficient design possible, at the lowest cost.” Problem-solving is the most valuable skill you will learn. It allows you to navigate any obstacle with confidence. It is a skill that can be used in any field facing any problem. [...]

Unity Shader Graph Download – Dissolve Shader

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The clip below was put together pretty quickly using Unity's built in timeline editor along with a custom Unity Shader Graph download. This editor is much quicker than manually stringing together a bunch of animations and making sure the timing is all lined up. For efficiency, the timeline is the best way to go. The shader [...]

How Social Notifications Ruin Productivity and Cost You To Lose A Month Each Year

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Even the smallest distractions can take away minutes from your day and cripple your productivity. Try to think about how many times you get sidetracked by a Discord ping, email notification, Reddit update, Twitter update, or whatever social communities that you actively participate in. Even if it is just two to three minutes each time, this [...]

Free Assets: Particle Packs Converted To HDRP Part 2 – Unity

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DOWNLOAD THIS PACK PACK 2 Continuing on as a follow-up to the first asset pack conversion of explosions, I have converted a few more for you to download. Today I uploaded the following: Effects Effects included in this download: Rocket Launch and Trail (From Unity Particle Pack) Steam (From Unity [...]

Free Assets: Particle Packs Converted To HDRP Part 1 – Unity

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DOWNLOAD THIS PACK There are a couple of particle packs that were provided by Unity that are actually very good, but do not work in HDRP. I have seen a lot of people asking how to get these in HDRP. I even use some of them as a base when [...]

The pain and suffering of XNA: Jumping to 3D Game Development

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XNA can be a scary thing for someone new to game development. Many of the issues I have come across cause a lot of delay in my development, even if it is not a significant issue. Many times there is a simple answer but the fact that the XNA creator forums can be hit or [...]

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