Project Description

FNAF 3D Remake


Title: FNAF 3D Remake in Unity 5 Tutorial – Part 3: Adding Objects to the Environment
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 6:22
Difficulty: Beginner (3/10)

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How to Make Five Nights At Freddy’s Game Unity 5 Tutorial -Part 3: Adding Objects to the Environment

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In this series we are remaking one of the most popular horror games loved by Game Theory Theorists (matpat) and pewdiepie. We will continue to make videos until we have completed making the entire Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game!

How to Make Five Nights At Freddy’s Game Unity 5 Tutorial -Part 3: Adding Objects to the Environment

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so now we have our monitors all set up  hey guys welcome back to another Big Rook Games tutorial on the FNAF series where  we’re creating an african unity 5 and  today we’re going to be showing you how  to create the level from an f1 and you  can either follow along with us and  build it yourself or download the entire  map in the description if you’re new  unity i would suggest building out the  map by yourself to get used to the user  interface and get familiar with the  shortcuts but we will provide everything  you see here in the unity package that  you can find in the description  remember to subscribe so you don’t miss  future tutorials on this series and at  the end we should have a playable 3d  version where you can lock the player  into position like the game or you can  walk around and try to avoid the enemies  around the map so we’re going to modify  it a bit to look more like the actual  game so if we look in here we have a  bunch of monitors around i know it’s  dark but you can see the computer  equipment we have some monitors over  here and it looks like a type of  receiver so we’re going to use that  first we will take this computer change  the color so that it matches the color  in the game which is black so we’re  going to go into the materials and  change the color of this object and for  this wanted right here we are going to  modify it since it is its own separate  piece of the object we can scale it to  the size that we want and it looks like  in the game there’s the controls under  the monitors were also going to rotate  it so let’s rotate at first let’s get it  sitting on the stand better  and then we’ll scale it down to the  appropriate size and it’sit’s to the  side and we really don’t need this  destruct button when you get rid of that  and we have a few more monitors so I’m  just going to copy and paste this one  and resize it a little bit and rotate a  little bit so it doesn’t look the exact  same looks a little smaller just rotate  it until everything looks good looks  like there might be one more on that  side so we are going to take the entire  object move it over and let’s copy and  paste this one which is command D again  our control the on pc and you can see in  there we have a little cup and some foil  will add that in a later tutorial and  also be adding the fan I just need a  model in blender so that we can rotate  it and then over on the other side looks  like there’s four more monitors so just  do the same thing  so now we have our monitors all set up  and it looks decent  so next we’re going to add a few more  things that are included in the download  in the description  we’re going to go into the closet the  janitor’s closet and in the game and  again you can see a broom here and a  shelf  we’re going to add those  and i’m just going to assume that these  shows duplicate throughout the room and  if we go over the pirate Cove and we see  the pictures we see there are two wall  fixtures we will have the stage made  next time and everything here but we  have the wall fixtures I made them in  blender so I’m going to add them right  here  and on the other side is well so next  time we’ll be adding the camera map that  we did in the first tutorial if you miss  that the link is down in the description  and we will be adding some more wall  texture so that it matches the game  better  we will also be adding the stage and the  pirate Cove stage as well and will  continue making the map until everything  matches and then we will add our camera  map back on and we’ll also add the  animations for the doors in the light  switches and do all of the lighting in  the environment that’s all we’re going  to show you today if you liked the video  click the like button subscribe so you  don’t miss the future tutorials that we  do on this and if you want to see how we  created the models in blender let us  know we can release tutorials for that  pretty much all the objects that we done  we’re simple so be quick to show you how  to do that like the desk and the wall  fixtures and thanks for watching hope  this video helped you out and we’ll see  you next time.