Continuing on as a follow-up to the first asset pack conversion of explosions, I have converted a few more for you to download.

Today I uploaded the following:


Effects included in this download:

Rocket Launch and Trail (From Unity Particle Pack)

Steam (From Unity Particle Pack)

Ground Fog (From Unity Particle Pack)

Below is the information I included in the first post about the asset pack:

Free Unity Asset Pack Conversion

There are a couple of particle packs that were provided by Unity that are actually very good, but do not work in HDRP. I have seen a lot of people asking how to get these in HDRP. I even use some of them as a base when creating new VFX in Hero Syndrome:

I am not exactly a professional artist, so all of the effects that I use that are not created by contractors are made by kit-bashing different vfx packages. The effects in this pack are high quality, realistic effects that add a lot to the immersion of a game. I think it would be great if they were all updated to HDRP for everyone to use. So I am going to go through them all and convert the two packs to HDRP and make sure they are functional in the latest Unity build (currently Unity 2020.1.2f1).

This is the pack on the asset store. It works perfect when using the standard 3d pipeline, but these won’t do much good in HDRP.
I will also be converting this pack as well.

The first pack is kind of a remake of the original pack, but there are a few differences so I will convert all of them that are not overlapped between the two packs. Anyone that knows me is aware that I am a very strict with scheduling my time, so I will schedule in a couple hours every few days to get through these.

Unity did post some useful shaders for Shader Graph that will help with the conversion. Luckily, they have added it into the High Definition RP package as an additional import. You just need to upgrade the HDRP package in the package manager to version to 7.4.3 and click the import button next to Particle System Shader Samples. These are mostly what I used to convert the VFX found in this post, though some modifications were needed on pretty much all of them. Usually just adding another node for one of the inputs on the shader or adding soft particles did the trick.

Conversion is pretty simple after you understand the basics of how a shader is defined. Most of the originals that I will be converting tell you everything you need to know, which is mainly if the shader is lit vs unlit, if it uses soft particles, camera fading, flip book, distortion, and/or emission. Once you import the new shaders you will see that the subgraphs included handle all of these things for you.


Effects included in this download:

Energy Explosion (From Unity Particle Pack)

Muzzle Flash 01 (From Unity Particle Pack)

Tiny Explosion (From Unity Particle Pack)

Small Explosion (From Unity Particle Pack)

Big Explosion (From Unity Particle Pack)

For the first post I will do a few explosions, as that seems to be more popular for effects and can be used in a variety of gameplay scenarios. Every few days I will add some more converted effects that you can use in your HDRP projects. If this helps, feel free to share with another game developer you know!

I plan to continue adding HDRP assets and am considering starting a monthly newsletter so you don’t have to check the site to see what I’ve uploaded. If you think that would be valuable to you be sure to sign up for the newsletter on the homepage.