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The website is currently under construction. We are redoing the way we provide free 3d models. It will be cleaner, more usable and a more efficient experience for the end user. Come back soon to download high quality free 3d models.

A few of my own assets are listed below. The community assets that used to be here are being filtered and sorted. They will be back up once that process is done. It might take a few days because it is just me doing everything at the moment.

I have started posting some of the assets on the asset store, and more will come over the next few months. A lot of them are and will be posted for free. See what is available at my Unity asset store page.

Thank you for understanding!

You can check out the project I am currently working on here: www.HeroSyndromeTheGame.com.

You can also join our game developer newsletter which includes weekly free assets. To join, click the yellow box at the bottom to bring up the form.